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Lilac (scalie schoolie)
At least I think that's her name....anyway there has been this comic I've been interested in recently named scalie schoolie and from what I've seen, it's fucking awesome. The character designs (not to mention the characters themselves, the humor, the art style overall, it's just a blast.

Because of my recent interest in this comic I've decided to draw one of the characters, but I thought "which characters should I draw First?"....

It took me awhile, but after looking at a bunch of characters, I decided to draw this cute monster, lilac.

I mean look at her! She has both big and small boobs at the same time, how do you do that!? simultaneously having big yet small boobs OMG!!!! *nerdgasm*

Ehm..... anyways I hope you enjoy the image, and have a lovely day....OH!
forgot to mention the character and property is owned by bad.

Richard (looking for group)
First thing to say
Secondly, my brother has recently got me invested in a comic called looking for group's quite awesome, and to celebrate that I drew the dick himself, Richard
Sorry If it's hard to tell where the eyes are ;-;
Flipping great artist you should check out

gem/crystal people...whit flowers by Kate-Space-Angel on deviantart…
gem/crystal people...whit flowers
idk how to name this, rip
these are alcohol marker doodles :v
i've made the pink/purple/orange one first and then the other one last night
the hands are terrible on both but i really like these colours and (somwhat) the lineart of the blue/purple one 
Fucking awesome drawing that I think deserves more attention
are you here whit me
so i was listening to some music and doodling when I played "On Melancholy Hill" by Gorillaz and I thought to myself "ok what does this song makes you think of" and a picture of an angel came up somehow. the way i drew this was inspired by Kasey Golden, specificlly in this video (…) she drew some of the drawing the way that the character would be white? idk how to explain it, you can watch the vidoe and you'll understand better. But yeah, thou I kinda like the sketches I did before this drawing more, I still think it looks pretty good :Y
Okay then, first off, the reason I made this post instead of commenting on Tukoo-Tukoo's Post was because he blocked me. now that that's said, let me clarify that I don't care for Tukoo-Tukoo, he's pandering as all hell, hates people for making sad art, saying they should be ashamed of it, and (more recently) has been excessively pandering in a different way, he's doing the whole "noone loves me, please don't love me, and let me wallow in shame as my post gets a bunch of likes because people feel sad for me"....

Let me be clear, I will only like Tukoo-Tukoo ,at all, when I see he can have an actual discussion that's not filled with sunshine and rainbows or "I'm sad wahh!" ( Something that happens after he made the "I'm sorry" posts, not some obscure chat he had with you when he only had one follower)

Good, day


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You will never know
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm a 15 buddy person....whatever that likes drawing, I draw mostly on paper....and that's about it, love yah.....



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